Don’t pass up a chance to learn. Write thank you notes.

kanani Hoopai

co-chair BDTP

I am: 33

I’m a young professional at: Riverside City College.

I get involved in my community through the following organization(s): PICK Group, The Unforgettables Foundation, and Riverside Museum Professionals. I also mentor a local 8th grade student.

I’m proud of these achievements: Leading award-winning youth education programs, buying my house, and being a daughter, sister, and friend.

I am a happy resident in the City of: Riverside!

My career goals are to: Continue to work in the City of Riverside, serve and provide opportunities for local students, and make a difference in my community. 

My professional motto is: “Be truthful, gentle, and fearless.” Mahatma Gandhi

My advice to other YoPros is: Don’t pass up a chance to learn. Write thank you notes.  

When I’m not working or volunteering, you can find me: Traveling, hanging out with family and friends, doing home improvement projects, watching Netflix, and crafting.

I joined PICK because: I want to connect socially and professionally with like-minded young professionals.

PICK is awesome because: There many great ways to get involved. Being a part of PICK is fun, encouraging, and positive.

I maximize my PICK membership by: Serving as Co-Chair of the Board Development Training Program (BDTP), graduating from BDTP in 2018, and serving on the Board.

The issues in Riverside that I care about most are: Youth education, providing professional opportunities for local talent, job creation, and preserving and sharing our unique history.