Deepen your connections! Develop and use your leadership skills! Expand your resume! And help make the Pick Vision a Reality by joining a committee!

  • Marketing and Membership: The Marketing and Membership Committee ensures that The Pick Group remains an effective and dynamic organization by marketing the group in the community. It also ensures that The Pick Group’s general membership is readily informed and up to date on Pick Group initiatives, activities, and opportunities, while also ensuring that membership grows increasingly diverse and remains distinctively inclusive.

    This Committee coordinates all efforts for outreach and retention. These include New Member Receptions, creating partnerships with other organizations, maintaining the membership database, and producing all external communications (e-blasts, newsletters, calendars, web content, and promotional materials).

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  • Professional Development: The Professional Development Committee ensures that Pick members further their professional and educational development by providing networking opportunities, educational series, and access to a wide array of local opportunities for growth in specific skills so that Riverside’s professional and economic atmosphere becomes one of the most dynamic, healthy, and competitive in the nation.

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  • Social: The Social Committee’s efforts enhance and strengthen the social atmosphere and vibrancy of the city so that Riverside remains a highly desirable and enjoyable place for Young Professionals to live and work. By hosting social events, this committee supports businesses and fosters the creation of authentic and meaningful relationships.

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  • Civic: The Civic Involvement Committee provides space for members to enhance their sense of awareness and ownership of community needs, and inspires members to utilize and develop their skills to address those needs. This committee focuses on local Philanthropic, social and political issues that affect young professionals.

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